News from C21HA, IV

News from C21HA, IV

Beyond the half of our operating time the QSO number exceeding the 16 kQSO. Unfortunately the Solar radiation storms resulting significantly increased proton flux and very high Ap index which does not help us.

We have received comments from EU asking more attention to the 15, 12 and 10 meters bands. We check the band opening regulary, but these bands have been closed to EU. We continue to monitoring these bands on the proper time to EU. Thanks for the valuable propagation calculations, we received by emails helping us in this effort.

We need to publish some details on the strong jammer station, who regulary disturb our QRG or in pile-up window trying to make impossible to copy the signals. With the help of our friends from different continent, NA, SA, EU, and even from Australia, having proper technical background and instruments, we could localize the source of the jammer station. We have proof that this very strong signals coming from Australia.  We do hope that this information is enough to stop the jammer. If not, we will publish very accurate location and even more details.

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