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ha5ao 450x450pixThere is a huge amount of ham radio station websites. This one is a simple, further addition. By creating this site, my aim was just to share some basic information about me, my station and my activities, not more.

My name is Istvan Gaspar, operator name is Pista. I was born in 1951. I was radio operator in the military between 1971 and 1973. In 1973 I joined HA5KHT club station and was a very active member of the contest team until 1990. In 1976 I was licensed as HA7VT and changed to HA5AO in 1984. Due to family and professional commitments, I wasn't active between 1990 and 2004. I am back on the air since 2004 and active on HF bands (mainly CW). I am DX enthusiast.

Member of the A1 Operator Club, CW Operators Club, HADXF, INDEXA, CDXC, ODXG, EUDXF, PDXG, KYDXA, GDXF, SDXF.



DX peditions

T88CI QSL Information 7P8AO QSL Information YJ0HA QSL Information
C21HA QSL Info QSL-9M4SLL-2 zl9hr new logo 900px 600 x 390
QSL VK9MT Single 4 QSL TX3X Single front thumb QSL 7P8EUDXF front1 830x535


    thumb_A1_op A-1 Operator Club CWops logo transparent 250 CW Operators Club
#1522, Life-member
   Perseverance logo no background  Perseverance DX Group (PDXG)
 Charter Member
thumb hadxf logo  HA DX Fanatics (HADXF)
 Charter Member

  thumb_INDEXAlogo  Internatinal DX Association (INDEXA) Chiltern DX Club
  ODXG  Oceania Amateur Radio DX Group (ODXG) thumb EUDXF European DX Foundation (EUDXF)
index gdxf logo  German DX Foundation (GDXF) SDXF logo email  Swiss DX Foundation (SDXF)
thumb KDXA Kentucky DX Association (KYDXA)


  • DXCC Honor Roll
  • 8 Band DXCC, No.: 6610
  • DXCC Challenge
  • IOTA

Station setup

  • Yaesu FTDX 9000D transceiver
  • Yaesu Quadra VL-1000 linear amplifier
  • SteppIR 3 elemn, 40-6 meters, 16 m up
  • SteppIR BigIR vertical for 80-10 m bands
  •  microKEYER II interface
  • MA160V vertical for 160 m
  • Palstar DT1500DT ant. tuner
  • Heil Pro-Set Plus headset
  • Begali Sculpture Mono Keyer(Serial #: 064)
  • Bencher Mercury Paddle (Serial #: 1139)
  • TRX-Manager v.5. for station automation
  • WIN-Test and N1MM+ for contesting

DX pedition & Field operation setup

  • 2 x Elecraft K3 100 W  (with KRX3A subreceiver + TCXO  + KXV3B,  + KSYN3A + filters: 250 Hz, 400 Hz, 1kHz, 1.8 kHz, 2.8 kHz)
  • 2 x Elecraft KPA-500 500 W
  • Elecraft KAT-500 high power automatic antenna tuner
  • Elecraft P3 panadapter + P3TXMON + DCHF-2000 directional coupler
  • microKeyer II interfaces
  • Spiderbeam, 5 bands, (20 - 10 m) on 10 m telescopic Alu pole
  • Wire Verticals (12 and 18 m), 160 - 10 m + SGC 235 automatic antenna coupler
  • Folding Hexbeam for 20-6 m bands
  • Heil Pro-Set with HC4 mic element


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