7P8EUDXF Lesotho
15 - 29 October.2016


Press release #1

Pista HA5AO will operate from Lestho as 7P8AO from 15 October to 29 October. The primary purpose of the trip is to deliver humanitarian aid and support to  children. At his own expense Pista is supplying clothing, shoes and school supplies to the children.

Press release #2

Pista HA5AO arrived Maseru, Lesotho on the afternoon of Friday, 14 Oct with 4 suitcases weighing over 110 kg (242 lbs) of radio equipment and gifts for the orphanages where he is a volunteer. He began setting up the station and antennas on Saturday and will finish on Sunday.

Press release #3

By now you may have seen Pista HA5AO operating as 7P8EUDXF on the DX Cluster network.   
His Log is posted at:   ha5ao.com/ OQRS


7P8EUDXF went QRT at 15:21 UTC today. There are 4,027 Q in the log. OQRS and online logchek request active. LotW will be uploaded six month later.

Support from DX Foundations

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