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7P8EUDXF, C21HA, YJ0HA, 7P8AO and T88CI QSL Information

QSL Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is highly recommended, and I prefer, to use my OQRS system.
It saves time and as well as your cost to receiving our QSL cards.


QSLing order

  1. OQRS direct requests (3 USD)
  2. Mail direct requests (3 USD up to 3 cards) see note below
  3. OQRS buro requests
  4. normal buro requests NOT RECOMMENDED (Help to save buro expenses. Use the OQRS system for buro card request. Please note that both buro paths take certainly long time as always)

The logs will be uploaded to the LotW six month after the DXpedition. All QSOs requested to confirm by OQRS Direct or Direct as below, those will be uploaded to LotW within 72 hours.

If you decide to send direct QSL card  request  by mail, please send self addressed envelope and sufficient fund to cover the post expenses to

Gaspar Istvan
1196 Budapest,
Rakoczi u. 85.

1 USD does not cover the international postage, not even to Europe. Please do not send IRC. NO stamped envelop, NO coin is accepted. Please use good quality C6 or C5 size self adhesive type envelope for return. In any other case, the QSL card will be answered via bureau.

If you could not find your QSO in the logsearch, but you are sure that it was a good contact, use the on-line Busted/Missing Call Request function, than I will search for error and will make the correction, if necessary. In this case, please do not send direct QSL request until you receive the answer about the QSO in question.


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