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Callsign First name Last name Country Date
HA2SN Zsolt Gyimesi Hungary 2012-06-08
K1LD David Gerns United States 2012-02-14
K6FW Frank Westphal United States 2012-02-12
W5XX Malcolm Keown United States 2012-02-12
DL1XX Klaus Wagner Germany 2012-02-11
W8LGJ Patrick Welch United States 2012-02-11
JH1RGG Masayoshi Utsugi Japan 2012-02-09
K4HMB Joe Wheeler United States 2012-02-09
ZL4AS Cliff Gray New Zealand 2012-02-07
N2WK Wayne King United States 2012-02-07
W7AV Dennis Rick Perry United States 2012-02-07
AA6K Shirley Rose United States 2012-02-07
ANONYMOUS United States 2012-02-07
W5PJR Dean Showalter United States 2012-02-07
JE1HRC Hiroki Takeda Japan 2012-02-06
K5JZ George G Bethea United States 2012-02-06
W8VVG Larry Pasman United States 2012-02-06
ANONYMOUS United States 2012-02-06
K8YAH Ronald Vanke United States 2012-02-06
N9UM M Thomas United States 2012-02-06
KG7E James Kornacki United States 2012-02-05
W2QO Jamie Punderson United States 2012-02-04
HG7AN Zoltan Hajdu Hungary 2012-02-04
OH2BU Jari Jussila Finland 2012-02-03
W9BF Bob Farmer United States 2012-02-03
N6PSE Paul Ewing United States 2012-02-02
KT0NY Tony Estep United States 2012-02-02
K6XT Art Charette United States 2012-02-02
NV5E Robert May United States 2012-02-02
JA1PFP Takashi Yoshida Japan 2012-02-02
W7JW Jeff Wheeler United States 2012-02-01
K7PJT Tom Rousseau United States 2012-02-01
W6BK David Elliott United States 2012-01-30
WS3N Jack Bono United States 2012-01-29
9A2TD Vlatko Lovric Croatia 2012-01-29
JO1PYV Hakozaki Akira Japan 2012-01-28
MW0JZE Anthony David United Kingdom 2012-01-28
N4VAN Walter Latture United States 2012-01-27
KK5OQ Charles Anderson United States 2012-01-26
K1CP Clif Power United States 2012-01-25
VK3HJ Luke STEELE Australia 2012-01-25
N4DWK David Kiefer United States 2012-01-25
KH6DC Delwyn Ching United States 2012-01-24
HA5PT Tamás Holman Hungary 2012-01-24
ANONYMOUS Russian Federation 2012-01-23
VE2NGH George Hedrei Canada 2012-01-23
IK8CNT Nino Mazzuca Italy 2012-01-22
ANONYMOUS Japan 2012-01-21
W7JY Pete Lillie United States 2012-01-21
G0JHC Neil Carr United Kingdom 2012-01-20
ANONYMOUS United States 2012-01-20
AI0O Robert Helmka United States 2012-01-19
WA2EQF Scott Leyshon United States 2012-01-18
W6OPO Bob Lanning United States 2012-01-16
N0GBR John Moore United States 2012-01-15
KG9Z Scotty Meyer United States 2012-01-14
HB9IQB Peri Monioudis Switzerland 2012-01-13
JK1LUY Motoshi Hoshino Japan 2012-01-12
RX3AGD Dima Abrosimov Russian Federation 2012-01-12
HA9PP István "PISTIQ" Szécsi Hungary 2012-01-11
HA2EQD Veres Gyuri Hungary 2012-01-10
WE7K Tommy Berggren United States 2012-01-10
RJ3AA Sergey Kislov Russian Federation 2012-01-06
HA7VK Csige Sanyi Hungary 2012-01-06
HA6VH GÉZA VARGA Hungary 2012-01-05
HA5CRX Janos Schmidt Hungary 2012-01-04
HA7UW Sandor "Alex" Gyorfi Hungary 2012-01-04
ANONYMOUS Hungary 2011-12-19
KA1R Matt Power United States 2011-12-18
F5VHJ Albert Crespo France 2011-12-13
DL5WG Roy Stage Germany 2011-12-01
CT1DOF Jorge Azevedo Portugal 2011-11-28
W4OV Bruce Phegley United States 2011-09-18
GM3YTS Robert Ferguson United Kingdom 2011-09-12
K9APW Dick Lust United States 2011-08-31
KH6P Dan Greeson United States 2011-08-27
HA0HW László "Laci" Szabó Hungary 2011-08-25
ON4IZ Henry "Doc" Van Kets Belgium 2011-08-24
N8DE Don Havlicek United States 2011-08-24
AD5W RUSS COPPING United States 2011-08-24
OE6IMD Michael Micu-Budisteanu Austria 2011-08-24
KB8VAO Steve Gocala United States 2011-08-22
RA9CMO Igor Khrennikov Russian Federation 2011-08-16
K5OA RUSS GUIDRY United States 2011-08-16
PE5T Cornelis Nijdam Netherlands 2011-08-12
ZS1A Johan Sevenster South Africa 2011-07-31
V51B Andre Pretorius Namibia 2011-07-24
KH6CG Stan Schwartz United States 2011-07-24
HA7RY Tamás Pekarik Hungary 2011-06-26
AA7JV George Wallner United States 2011-06-26
OZ1CTK Boye Christensen Denmark 2011-06-25

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