Press release #3

20161019 144829By now you may have seen Pista HA5AO operating as 7P8EUDXF on the DX Cluster network.   
His Log is posted at:   Log Search / OQRS

Thursday Update:

There have been heavy storms for two days, it started Wednesday afternoon. He's never seen so many lightening strikes within one minute. Today (Thursday) the afternoon was not bad on 15m, his most productive band. A storm is moving in as he's writing this update on Thursday afternoon. The noise level still very high below 17m. There is now a backup generator in available, so power blackouts will be just a couple of seconds, as he does need to restart the station. He is now on the air 2-3 hours a day, next week he will be on the radio more often

Tuesday Update:

He reports a very high noise level on all bands. On Monday it was S7-9 on 20, 30 and 40M. Signals from EU were weak, almost impossible to copy in the noise. On Tuesday afternoon there was a nice opening on15m but a power blackout shut him down. Later that evening he went to 20 m, but there was another blackout. He will continue trying 40 and 80m, hopefully he'll get a break in the noise.

Gene K5GS for Pista 7P8EUDXF


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Tuesday 25 February 2020
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