Report from Lesotho, 2

The Lesotho ladder lineI could not fix the power amplifier, so I am running with 100 watts only. During the daytime the bands are closed and the noise level is very high. Early in the morning 40 m is more or less o.k. Mainly the NA station can hear me. There is no chance to get over on 80 meter with 100 watts. The last two days I used the vertical for 40 and 30 meters also, as it seems that you can hear me better with this antenna. However the inverted L is slightly better for reception. Afternoon and late afternoon the 15 - 10 meters usually opened mainly to EU direction. However there are as well as some station in the log from NA and even SA.

The noise on the 20 and 17 meters bands are permanent. Yesterday afternoon and late evening there were very heavy t-storm. The weather is changed, the temperature dropped back significantly. I am optimistic regarding the 20/17 meters opening, as the noise level is much lower. I check those bands time by time, as well.

I made a dipole for 20 meter, feeded with a unique, do it yourself "Lesotho ladder line", hoping that the noise will be less. It was possible to tune the ant very well, but unfortunately it could not help to reduce the noise . Anyway, it was good fun, and the locals was laughing lots on what I am doing. Photos will be uploaded from home. There is no way to upload photos from here.

The log, for search and to the LotW, is uploaded.

73, Pista, 7P8AO


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SR/SS at Budapest

Tuesday 25 February 2020
Sunrise: 05:30 UTC
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