Pirate operations

thumb_pirateThere are pirate operations, time by time, using our C21HA callsign. We will report it here, as soon as we recognize or we get the information. Please check the on-line log. The Clublog is the only official on-line log for C21HA. We upload our log to Clublog every day, around 24z. If you are not in the log, work with us again.

CW on 12 m, 19 January, 20-21 UTC
This morning, between 20-21 UTC we were working with State side on 12 meters band. 1 kHz below of our QRG someone was also making QSOs in our pile-up using and identifying himself with our C21HA call sign.

18 MHz on PSK 19 Jan around 22-24 UTC.
Please be advised that we have not been working on PSK, yet.

RTTY on 12 m, 20 January, 21-22 UTC
This morning I was working on 24921,3 kHz RTTY. A pirate station just below my QRG was calling CQ end CQ EU. Many station was listening the pirate station frequency and not mine. I had to send several times the reports, when I recognised the situation, then I went QRT. We are really sorry, but it is not our fault. Many spots in the cluster reported that there in no operator, auto CQ, etc. It was the reason. It is pity and we are sorry about it. I am pretty sure, that many of you, and we also, want to see into the eyes of this mentally illness person.

21 MHZ CW, 21 January 08-09 UTC
After a spot, requesting CW on 15 m, the pirate station started to work on 21011 kHz. At this time only one of our station was running on 20 m, RTTY. The signal from the pirate was week here, but readable, possible from EU.


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